Presser (Ironing Man)

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Full Time

  •   Hospirtality

Job Description

We are currently looking for a presser who would ensure that the laundry service required by the customer is done on time and with the highest possible standards, your role will include key responsibilities such as:

• Check garments and linen in order to see any problems with laundering.

• Provide feedback regarding problems to the supervisor.

• Straighten clothes that need to be pressed.

• Figure out what heat clothes should be pressed on, depending on the cloth.

• Check labels to determine any special instructions.

• Set up and calibrate pressing machines.

• Follow instructions on hand-ironing clothes.

• Fold, as well as pack, pressed clothes into re-sealable bags.

• Clean and maintain pressing machines and hot and steam irons on a regular basis.

• Apply materials like starch and softeners before ironing some clothes.

• Adjust the temperature of irons.

• Oversee inventory of supplies such as spray bottles, starch powder, and fabric softeners.

• Ensure cleanliness and maintenance of work areas, such as ironing boards.